Most Popular FAQs

    • 1. I need a quote, but I cannot provide drawings. What can I do?
    • 2. Can you tell me which JF raised floor understructure can be installed with my raised floor system? And how can I make sure if JF understructures fit my panels?

About production

    • 3. What is JF raised floor understructure made of?
    • 4. What is your production capacity for JF standard raised floor understructure per month?
    • 5. Can you produce custom-made pedestal based on imperial unit?

JF standard raised floor understructure

    • 6. What is your minimum order quantity for JF standard pedestal or customized pedestal?
    • 7. What is the standard lead time for JF standard understructure?

Customized raised floor pedestal and stringer

    • 8. Can you produce understructure suitable for my panels?
    • 9. My pedestal head plate’s tapped holes size and distance between tapped holes are all different from JF standard head plate, so JF pedestal can’t fit my raised floor panel. Can you produce pedestal head that fits my panel?
    • 10. My company’s pedestal has its own design and is totally different from others. Can you produce my pedestal as per my specs?
    • 11. What is JF’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom made pedestal?
    • 12. What if I can’t meet your MOQ requirement? Any solutions?
    • 13. What are the costs of tooling (mold or die) used for production of custom-made pedestals?
    • 14. This is my first order of custom-made raised floor understructure, and I am concerned about the quality and compatibility of your product, and I need to reconfirm.
    • 15. What is the lead time (Turnaround Time) required for my first time order of custom-made raised floor understructure?
    • 16. What is the lead time required for my custom-made understructure that have been made before?