About JF

Founded in 1993, and we’ve been thriving on the wave of internet and IT industry boom in Taiwan. From our beginnings as a metal accessories manufacturer to manufacturing customized raised floor pedestal, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs – helping and customization – and to deliver an exceptional experience for our first time client and repeat client.

For more than 20 years JF metal manufacturing has been crafting raised floor understructure for raised floor manufacturers, raised floor importers, raised floor exporter, turnkey solution providers and construction material suppliers.

What You Can Expect

● You can get free samples from us.
● You can receive free CAD drawings.
● You can have a mock-up raised floor understructure system to show to your client.
● You can have raised floor pedestals built to your specifications and requirements.
● You can have online meetings with us, if you need more detailed information.
● You can expect to have a steady supply of your raised floor pedestal.

Story of Our Company

From the beginning, we were a door hinge manufacturing company which supplied pivot hinge to major door factories in Taiwan. One day our founder Jimmy Lin was on his business trip to a construction site to meet with the door installer. When the meeting was over, he accidentally went past a raised floor installation site and there he struck up a conversation with a raised floor installer. Knowing our factory was capable of producing this product, Jimmy told that installer that he might be able to offer a better price. After assessing the feasibility and knowing the basic requirements of the installer, Jimmy went back, offered the quote, and the pricing got accepted.

Certainly Jimmy had come a long way since the first order from a raised floor company. Jimmy makes no bones about the steep learning curve that he had been through. With client’s advice and our hard work, we seize the opportunity of IT industry boom in Taiwan. And it is because the stringent and varied requirements set by most of the IT factories’ raised floor project that compel us to take on those challenges.

We are a family business, Jimmy’s son in law, Xiao Jun joined the company in 2009 who is now in charge of CAD drawing and Jimmy’s son, Chao (Daniel) joined in 2011, is now responsible of customer service.

JF metal manufacturing

From left to right: Jun, Jimmy’s son in law, Jimmy, founder of JF and Chao, Jimmy’s son.