Raised Floor Pedestal SG-1

access floor understructure


Heavy duty Raised Floor Pedestal SG-1 consists of a base plate, tube, head plate, threaded rod and hexagon nut. This raised floor pedestal is designed for industrial application where heavy loading is required.

raised floor pedestals
Range of Finished Floor Heights From 400 mm to 1000 mm (15.7" to 39.3")
Range of Tube Heights From 300 mm to 900 mm (11.8" to 35.4") without threaded rod
Range of Height Adjustment ± 30 mm (± 1.18")
Pedestal Axial-Load Performance 64 kN, 6550 kgf, 14440 lbf
Stringer Concentrated-Load Performance 2.74 kN, 280 kgf, 617 lbf
Coating Raised Floor Pedestal SG-1 tube is coated with electrophoretic deposition (EDP). Pedestal’s head plate and threaded rod are coated with yellow zinc. Other coatings are available on request.


2 Types of Head Plate LH
Raised Floor Pedestal Head Plate LH-NCL
Rigid grid, Non-Cornerlock
4 taped holes to lock stringers
access floor pedestals
Raised Floor Pedestal Head Plate LH-CL
Rigid grid, Cornerlock
8 taped holes to lock stringer and panels
access floor pedestal
Application 1. Used in industrial application where heavy load or higher FFH is required.
2. Suitable environment: manufacturing plant, laboratory and clean room.
Compatible panel size Dimension: 600 mm × 600 mm
Panel height:
1. 30 mm-32 mm (woodcore panel, calcium sulphate panel)
2. 45 mm-50 mm (die cast aluminum panel)
Stringer size: 25 mm × 25 mm × 554 mm (thickness: 0.75 mm)
Bolt-on stringer shall be secured to the pedestal
Compatible panel Die cast aluminum panel
Woodcore panel
Calcium sulphate panel
Understructure system There are two different types of access floor understructure system, that is Non-Cornerlock system and Cornerlock system. Raised Floor Pedestal Head Plate LH-NCL and LH-CL are to be installed with Non-Cornerlock system and Cornerlock system respectively.
1. Rigid grid, Non-Cornerlock ( using head plate LH-NCL and stringer LH)
2. Rigid grid, Cornerlock ( using head plate LH-CL and stringer LH )
raised access floor pedestal

Please note that the stringer and pedestal head plate’s tapped holes can customized to fit your panel.

1. Panel sizes may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but we can adjust the stringer size to fit varied sizes and shapes of panel, please inform us your demanded stringer dimensions.

2. If you use Cornerlock raised floor panel, please specify the position and size of the head plate’s tapped holes for panel mounting, and we will manufacture the pedestal to suit your panel.


raised access floor undersctructure
1. Head plate Raised Floor Pedestal Head Plate LH:
Length × Width: 75 mm × 75 mm
Thickness: 3.5 mm
2. Head plate’s tapped holes for stringer mounting M6
3. Threaded rod 3/4"
Threaded rod height: 110 mm height
4. Hexagon nut 3/4"
5. Tube cap welded to tube (2 sizes available)
Tube cap diameter Tube cap thickness
Ø 41 mm 7.0 mm
Ø 51 mm 7.0 mm
6. Center hole on cap Ø 19 mm
7. Inner tube welded under cap Ø 20 mm
8. Tube (2 sizes available)
Tube outside diameter Tube thickness
Ø 38 mm 1.5 mm
Ø 48 mm 1.6 mm
9. Base Plate Length × Width: 150 mm×150 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
10. Tapped hole for earth connection M6
11. Earthing screw (pan head screw) M6
12. Stringer Screw (flat head screw) M6
13. Bolt-on stringer (hollow rectangular section) Stringer HJ:
Size: 25 mm × 25 mm
Length: 554 mm
Thickness: 0.75
Please note
1. Raised Floor Pedestal Head Plate HJ can be fitted to die cast aluminum panel, woodcore panel and calcium sulphate panel.
2. Raised Floor Pedestal SG-1 has two different sizes of tube (38 mm and 48 mm) to choose from, other sizes are available on request.
3. Because the requirements for heavy duty pedestal often vary from project to project, please kindly provide us your requirements so that we can make adjustments to customize as per your requirements.


1. Upon customer’s request of earthing (grounding), an earth screw point on the base plate will be tapped and a M6 screw will be provided. Installation of earth bonding can be realized by passing and tightening a M6 screw through your wire connector.

2. Raised Floor Pedestal Axial Load Test:
Raised Floor Pedestal SG-1 is tested in accordance with the test procedures set forth in Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association CISCA A/F, Section 5 and European Standard En12825. Pedestal SG-1 is capable of withstanding 64 kN, 6550 kgf, 14440 lbf axial load per pedestal.
(This test result is based on FFH 500 mm pedestal with Ø 48 mm tube)

3. Raised Floor Stringer Load Testing:
Raised Floor Stringer HJ is all tested in accordance with the test procedures set forth in Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association CISCA A/F, Section 4 and European Standard En12825. Stringer HJ is capable of withstanding 2.74 kN, 280 kgf, 617 lbf concentrated load per stringer.
(The test result is based on hollow rectangular section stringer, thickness: 0.75 mm)

4. An inner tube is welded to the cap to prevent the threaded rod from swaying.


1. Generally tube, base plate and stringer are coated with electrophoretic deposition (EPD) to prevent rusting. The head plate and threaded rod are plated with yellow zinc. Other coatings are available upon request.

2. In industrial application where acid or alkali resistance is needed, the pedestal will be coated with polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) to prevent corrosion from acid or alkali exposure.

3. If highly corrosion resistant coating (anti-rust coating) is required, we suggest you to have the understructure coated with hot dip zinc galvanization or DACROMET plating.

4. To prevent zinc whisker contamination, we suggest other surface finishing such as powder coating, hot dip zinc galvanizing or nickel plating.

5. Hot dip zinc galvanized threaded rod can be made available but not recommended, because it would be difficult and costly to remain the thread dimensions within the original specifications. We would suggest you to choose other alternatives, such as PVDF, DACROMET or powder coating.

6. If you need to check corrosion resistance of specific coating or specific coating thickness, the coated component or product will be tested in neutral salt spray test and the report will be provided for you.

7. Should you have any special requirements for the corrosion resistance of the pedestal, please inform us. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

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Raised Floor Understructure System: LH system
raised floor stringer
Raised Floor Stringer: Stringer LH
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Raised Floor Pedestal & Stringer: SG-1
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