Raised Floor Manufacturing or Installation Company turn to JF when…

Facing uncommon project and total customized raised floor under structures are needed.

Searching for steady supply of raised floor pedestal made to their specifications

Seeking a competitive advantage by lowering their cost.

Demanded by their customers to submit a CAD drawing of raised floor understructure.

jf Raised Floor Understructue Raised Access Floors Pedestal
We work with raised floor manufacturers and installers to deliver customized metal understructure system.
JF raised floor pedestal

Customized Understructure

Pedestal produced as per your specs and customized to your project’s requirements.

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JF raised floor pedestal

Uncompromising Safety

Lowering cost is important, but user’s safety is everything. Get a quote, and you be the judge.

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raised floor pedestal

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raised floor pedestal

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